May 2019, Thank You

John French

Party Leader

A Thank You from the Party Leader

Firstly and foremost; I wholeheartedly thank all those who voted for our candidates across Luton. Thank you to all that have helped with leafleting, canvassing and allowing us to put posters up. Thank you all for your shares on Facebook, and positive feedback.

Thank you to our candidates; Carolyn Cottier, Jay Silva and endorsed Independent Marco Tullio. 
I appreciate that it has been a tough few weeks for some of us with other burdens overtaking our lives at just the wrong time. Our results reflected that, but it will help us plan for the future.

The Best for Luton Party (Best4Luton) has been in existence as a Party for ONE MONTH. In that month we have gained support, votes and members. 
In Round Green and Wigmore we won more votes than every single Conservative candidate and more votes than the incumbent (and now deposed) councillor in Round Green. Just that is an achievement we can be proud of.

ALL THIS IN ONE MONTH. Let us work for the next 4 years and any by-election to achieve our vision of seats and sway in Council.

I congratulate the Lib Dems for their success in Round Green. From nowhere they have popped up and won a seat in Round Green. We had dismissed them based on previous election results, but their persistent marketing and leafleting (some taking credit for our work, but to be expected) have given them a seat. I personally will continue to gain a seat in Round Green despite this one off result.

We, as a party, will continue to grow and fight for seats. We will work with all Councillors and Council to assist our residents with their issues as we have always done ( not just at election time).

For the residents who kindly spoke with us highlighting your concerns, ideas and issues; I, on behalf of our team, promise we will address and work with all respective parties to get some resolve. We will stand by our pledge to help our residents and communities and by this we will ensure that with not one month but a further 4 years of success, our aims and our residents aims will succeed.

Thank you all again for your support.



Date: 3rd May 2019