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John French

Round Green

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Round Green

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Candidate’s Statement

Unlike the incumbent Round Green Councillors, I live in Round Green and am always available to help you resolve your issues.

I run my business locally and am well known across Luton and at Council for pursuing issues raised by you.

My upbringing has taught me that Truth, Compassion and Honesty are fundamental in all walks of life.

I enjoy helping people start up their own businesses with practical advice and mentoring and I also support local charities including Cancer Research and Crisis Aid.

I stood in South Ward in 2015 for the Conservatives, at their request, but became disillusioned with the Party locally and realised that I would do better for our residents by not being tied to a mainstream Political Party and started the Best4Luton Campaign Group. I stood as an Independent candidate for High Town in 2016 and was commended for our work and high number of votes, albeit not enough to win on that first Independent attempt.

I am pleased we have helped a number of residents across the whole of Luton with numerous issues – In Round Green alone I have helped with highlighting:

  • Parking issues – getting double lines painted where needed
  • Abandoned Vehicles – Getting them logged and removed
  • Dumped Rubbish – Getting it cleared
  • Unauthorised HMOs (Homes of Multiple Occupancy)

Dangerous road junctions

As your Councillor I would have no party line to toe, just your views, issues and concerns to address. I will work hard for our community in Round Green and all of Luton and will practice what I preach with my commitment.

I will ensure that we maintain the highest standards of morality and ethics.
Unlike parties who put forward “pop up” candidates with no knowledge of the
local issues, I understand these and will work hard for the local community,
full time irrespective of elections, not just at election time.