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Carolyn Cottier


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Candidate’s Statement

I live in Wigmore and am an avid campaigner against the Airport’s unrealistic expansion plans and the destruction of Wigmore Park.

I am working hard to prevent building of over 2000 houses on our precious Green Belt, east of Luton and have demanded from the Council more action from them regarding the close to illegal levels of Air Polution as well as more transparency as to the finances coming in and out from the Council.

I want to facilitate greater influence in our locality. Wigmore truly is under attack from all directions! A few individuals should not be allowed to make bad decisions that will ruin the place we have all called home for generations.

I need to be able to vote on important matters affecting us, I need to read all important documents including those which the Council keeps secret away from the Public. I would then be able to speak loudly and persistently at all key meetings and make more of an impact.

Becoming your councillor would enable me to have much greater access to the inner workings at the Council. We urgently need such direct influence in order avert the pending catastrophes.

This is my passion and goal and why I want to be your Councillor. Help me to help you; by voting for me on May 2nd. For then I will continue to do what I have been doing for you all since 2011. I will then be able to devote even more time to it, because as an official Council member I will get time to involve myself further, no doubt to their chagrin. And being independent of any party whip means I can speak as loudly and freely as I have always done.