The New Name 

in Local Politics

Thank You for Your Support

A statement from the Party Leader regarding the May 2019 Local Elections.

In April 2019, The Best for Luton Party, officially became the newest National Political Party, in the UK, able to field candidates in the May 2019 Local Council Elections and all upcoming elections. 

Although we can take pride in being the “newest”, we have worked hard as a group for many years and will continue to grow our aims and ambitions for a Better Luton on behalf of our residents. 

“This is a significant stage in our journey for the Best for Luton”

– John French,Party Leader and Co-Founder –

Best4Luton was formed in 2016 as a political group after seeing the apathy of some parties in Luton and the sheer contempt from others we felt that our residents and electorate deserve better. We fielded our first candidate in the High Town by-election in 2016 and were praised all round for our success.

Business Growth

We want to see more business growth and investment across all our town.

Affordable Housing

We want to see more affordable homes built for private ownership.

Cleaner and Safer Town

We want to see more Police patrols and better maintenance of our towns streets.

More Jobs

We want more jobs to come with the investment and business growth for our local residents.

Better Clarity for Residents

We want better transparency so our residents understand what their tax is being used for.

Community Involvement

We want our residents to be more involved in the decision making on what impacts their town.

Be unqiue.

Join us today.

Join our members today, and help make our town a better, cleaner and safer place to live in.